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Full Moon Chinese Restaurant Hersham, KT12 4RG Tel: 01932-225531
Full Moon Chinese Restaurant Hersham, KT12 4RGTel: 01932-225531
Full Moon Chinese Restaurant
Sunday Lunch Buffet (noon-2:45pm)
  (    )Adult:£16.95pp. (    )Children under 8: £9.95pp  
Write the amount in the (   )
腰果貝絲 Crispy Seeweed for(     ) people
齋春卷 (     )Pieces of Mini Vegetarian Spring Rolls
春卷 (    )Pieces of Spring Rolls
京都排骨 (    )Pieces of Peking Spare Ribs
椒鹽排骨 (    )Pieces of Salt & Pepper Ribs
沙嗲雞 (    )Skewers of Satay Chicken
酸辣湯 Hot & Sour Soup for (    ) people
粟米雞湯 Chicken Sweet Corn Soup for(    ) people
毛菇鳮湯 Chicken Mushroom Soup for (    ) people
雞麵湯 Chicken Noodle Soup for(    ) people
什菜湯 Mixed Vegetable Soup for(    ) people
Second Course
香酥鴨 Crispy Duck (+£8 per quarter)
Main Course
Poultry Dishes
港古雞 Sweet & Sour Chicken for(    ) people
薑蔥雞 Chicken Ginger & Spring Onion for(    ) people
古雞球 (    )Pieces of Chicken Balls
豉椒雞 Chicken with Black Bean Sauce for(    ) people
腰果雞 Chicken with Cashewnuts for(    ) people
檸檬雞 Chicken in Lemon Sauce for(    ) people
辣子雞 Spicy Chilli Chicken for(    ) people
四川雞 Szechuan Chicken for(    ) people
雞什水 Chicken Chop Suey for(    ) people
咖哩雞 Curry Chicken for(    ) people
Meat Dishes
港古肉 Sweet & Sour Pork for(    ) people
蜜汁义燒 Honey Roast Pork
豉椒牛肉 Beef with Chilli Black Bean Sauce for(    ) people
薑蔥牛肉 Beef Ginger & Spring Onion for(    ) people
四川牛肉 Szechuan Beef for(    ) people
干炒牛絲 Cripsy Chilli Beef for(    ) people
咖哩牛肉 Curry Beef for(    ) people
咖哩什菜 Mixed Vegetables Curry for(    ) people
炒什菜 Mixed Vegetables for(    ) people
炒芽菜 Beansprouts in Garlic Sauce for(    ) people
毛菇芙容 Mushroom Egg Fu Young for(    ) people
紅燒豆腐 Fried To Fu with Mange Tout for(    ) people
Rice & Noodles
蛋炒飯 Egg Fried Rice for(    ) people
白飯 Boiled Rice for(    ) people
芽菜炒麵 Noodles with Beansprouts for(    ) people
星洲炒米 Singapore Fried Noodles for(    ) people
齋星洲米 Vegetarian Singapore Noodles for(    ) people
干炒雞麵 Chicken Chow Mein for(    ) people
干炒牛麵 Beef Chow Mein for(    ) people





Terms and Conditions

1  Please do not over order, if you waste the food we will charge the full price for the dish you waste.  
2 Wastage is defined as 50% of the dish not eaten.
3 Customers on the same table must have the same Sunday Lunch Buffet.
4 All Food must be consumed in the restaurant and not be taken away.
5 Prices are inclusive of VAT.
6 A 10% Service charge will be added.
7 The Sunday Lunch Buffet is a special menu and the items on it cannot be replaced with items on the a-la carte menu.  
8 The Full Moon Restaurant reserve the right to refuse service.
9 The Sunday Lunch Buffet is available on Sunday from Noon to 2:45pm.
10 The Sunday Lunch Buffet is not available on Bank Holidays and Special Days set by The Full Moon Restaurant.
11 Drinks/ Beverages/items not on the Sunday Lunch Buffet Menu will be charged Seperately.
12 A minimum for two people is required for the Sunday Lunch Buffet Menu.
13 A child is any person under 8 years old.
14 Prices and items on the Sunday Lunch Buffet Menu is subject to change without prior notice.
15 By ordering the Full Moon Sunday Lunch Buffet, you agree to the terms and conditions set above.
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